Josh Sager - Presentations




University of Pittsburgh - Guest Lecutre
Interface Design - University of Pittsburgh
Wordpress Workshop
Big Brothers Big Sister
Programming Video Games with Scratch
High School Workshop
Processing: Make a Video Game
Web Design For Designers Workshop
Introduction to JavaScript
The Future Is Mine Student Leadership Conference
Code Literacy
Steel Center CTC
Code Literacy
Pittsburgh TechFest
Creating Interactive Systems with Processing
Web Shop Talk Series
Object Oriented CSS
Fluid Grids
Normalize vs Reset


FBLA Conference
Game Design: Workshop
Screen Printing Workshop
4 week workshop on screen printing
Guest Lectures
Evolution of the User Experience
Creative Career Symposium
Web Design Day
Large Format Playgrounds
Video Game Workshop
Scren Printing Workshop


STEM Conference
The Future of Interaction: Student to Creative Thinker
PTI Brush Up Course - Web Design Boot Camp
Web Design Boot Camp - 3 Week Brush Up course
Wordpress From Start to Finish - 3 Week Brush Up course
Loop Pittsburgh
JavaScript Tips and Tricks
Intro to Corona SDK
CSS3 Selectors More Power Less Code | Examples (.html)
Making Memorable & Meaningful Animations | Source Files (.zip)
You and me plus Wii | Source Code
Web Cams + Flash = Fun
Web Animation Buffet


Pittsburgh Web Design Day 2010
The Freelance Dating Game: Avoiding the nasty break-up.
Flash Experiments: Creative Interactions - updated
Flash Workshop for High Schoolers
Flash + 3D (Native and Otherwise)
Developing Responsive Menus
CS5 - New Features
Introducing Flash Builder 4!
Working Smarter Not Harder - PittMFUG
PTI Brush Up Course - 4 Week Course
Web Smorgasbord - Brush Up course


FlashPitt 09
Flash Experiments: Creative Interactions
Intermediate ActionScript 3.0
Pittsburgh Web Design Day 09
The Story of a Web Project
ActionScript 3.0 Brush Up Course - 4 Week Course
Slides and Course Materials
Browser Labs
Flash, What is it Good For? – Where Does Flash fit on the Web? (panel discussion with Refresh Pittsburgh )
Red 5 Server
Flex + SWC + Flash - (source code)
Unit Testing


Flash Uploads Using PHP and Flash - (source code)
Timeline Variables


Refresh Pittsburgh
Fireworks Demo
Web Comics Analog to Digital
Podcamp Pittsburgh 07
Integrating New Media into Existing Businesses
Bootcamp Pittsburgh 07
Integrating New Media into Existing Businesses


Actionscript 101 - Brush Up Course
Podcamp Pittsburgh 06
Content is King