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Pittsburgh: Most Webbable City

Okay so that’s a little cheesy, but seriously there is a lot going on in Pittsburgh concerning Web, Art, Design, and Development. Over the last 10 years Pittsburgh has developed into a hotbed of niche communities.  I only wish I could represent them all in this post but I only know what I know. It seems there’s a group for just about anything.  Which is great! As knowledge workers we no longer have to suffer alone slowly sinking in solutions that are just out of reach. There’s a strong community ready to help support the every day web warrior.

Last night just further confirmed in my eyes that we’ve got to have one of the best communities in the country. It’s seems like every month I’m learning about another niche technology group that’s been meeting for several years.

More than Meets the Eye

So if you’re keeping tabs and are looking for something to do stop by any one of these fine user groups. Again this is NOT a complete list.  Only things that I’ve run into.

Organizations – Meetings – Gatherings

Annul Events

  • FlashPitt
  • Web Design Day
  • Podcamp Pittsburgh
  • Art and Code
  • Handmade Arcade
  • Pinball Championship (okay it’s not art or code, but come on that’s awesome!)
  • AIGA Portfolio Reviews
  • Various Gallery Crawls
  • 3 Rivers Arts Fest

These are just the things that I’m aware of in the Web, Art, and Design scene and it’s growing every day. If you want to see what’s happening, need advice on a project, or just want to talk shop with other people who understand “you do computers?” and “dis one deer draws perty pitchers n’at” is not a accurate description of what you do for a living get involved.