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Microsoft Photohoshop?


The end is truly near.  The NYTimes reported earlier this week that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen met behind closed doors to discuss a common foe, Apple. According to the times the companies discussed a partnership or possible Microsoft purchase of Adobe.

If this really happened not only would I be sad, but I’d strongly consider switching careers and moving to the mountains.  Or at the very least going super heavy into development and leaving Adobe products behind.

Why? Is it because I hate Microsoft? Nope.  I think they do some things really well, but making the giant larger, losing competition, and assembling cyber gang is not the answer.  If you don’t like the technology landscape don’t hate innovate.  (A poster soon to come out by me )

Adobe, if you’re upset with Apple fix your Flash Player problem and make it so attractive they can’t live without you.  Microsoft, buying companies doesn’t fix your lack of web presence.  Take some time, review your 1990′s playbook and make IE9 as revolutionary as the original IE.

I know the world isn’t really going to end, but how strange would it be to place your upgrade order for Microsoft Photoshop?