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2011 Recap

2011 was a whirlwind of a year.  Here are some of the highlights.  Instead of expanding on everything I thought I would list them out.


I launched some websites and consulted on others
I designed 2 info graphics & 2 posters
I built a screen printing studio in my basement
I screen printed some cards and book inserts
I built a guitar pedal and a pedal board
I experimented with iOS app development
I built motion control software
I made handmade paper


I took 4 college classes
I developed curriculum for 5 classes
I taught 14 classes


I traveled to New Orleans, Minneapolis, Charleston, and Orlando
I visited Universal Studios
I visited Kenny Space Center
I visited Sapling Press
I visited Commonwealth Press
I visited the studio of Strawberry Luna
I visited the Bearded Studio
I visited Full Stop Interactive


At home we made homemade pasta, orange juice, ice cream, bread, cookies, biscuits, pizza, coffee liquor and pie.


Started a Creative Studio.  Second Block Studio LLC


I taught 2 3 week brush up courses
I gave 7 Loop Pittsburgh Presentations
I spoke on a panel for Refresh Pittsburgh
I spoke at the STEM conference
I attended 4 conferences / Workshops
I appeared in 5 publications this year


I helped to refinish our hardwood floors
I helped to remodel the 1st floor
I installed 7 new lights and replaced the thermostat


I was promoted
I worked in a letterpress shop for 1 day


My band played several higher profile shows including shows at Mr. Smalls and Howlers
We played a private holiday party


I played in 2 softball Leagues hitting LOTS of home runs
My team got 2nd in the Bowling league for the second year in a row
I scored 7 TD’s in the infamous Yinz Team Turkey Bowl flag football game
I ran in a Marathon relay
I attended 2 Roller Durby matches


I bought a record player and LOTS of records
I bought wood type
Wow exhausting but so much fun!  Here’s to an even more awesome 2012!