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The Monster Has Landed


I am VERY proud to announce the launch of the Monster Haiku project.  A passion project 3 years in the making and I feel very honored to be apart of it.  We are selling books, posters, greeting cards, and original artwork where 100% of the profits benefit the March of Dimes.

Pittsburgh is Super Awesome

The support for the project has been truly amazing.  We had a launch party at the AMAZING Las Velas restaurant and we were blown away by the turn out.  I just can’t say this enough.  Pittsburgh is such an amazing place.  The community is unbelievable and so supportive.

Stay tuned for more Monster Haiku news.  We’ve got some super fun things coming out in the next few weeks.

I’d like to annonunce a passion project that I’ve been working on called Monster Haiku Vol 1.

It’s an illustration and haiku project by Rachel Arnold Sager and Will Rutherford. Limited-edition books, cards, posters and original artwork will be on sale from February 1st to March 3rd. 100% of the profits benefit March of Dimes. Follow this project on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

It has been EXTREMELY rewarding to work on a project with such awesome people for such a good cause.  It really hits home for me because I was born a month early.  More about this project to come.  So so so so so excited!

2011 Recap

2011 was a whirlwind of a year.  Here are some of the highlights.  Instead of expanding on everything I thought I would list them out.


I launched some websites and consulted on others
I designed 2 info graphics & 2 posters
I built a screen printing studio in my basement
I screen printed some cards and book inserts
I built a guitar pedal and a pedal board
I experimented with iOS app development
I built motion control software
I made handmade paper


I took 4 college classes
I developed curriculum for 5 classes
I taught 14 classes


I traveled to New Orleans, Minneapolis, Charleston, and Orlando
I visited Universal Studios
I visited Kenny Space Center
I visited Sapling Press
I visited Commonwealth Press
I visited the studio of Strawberry Luna
I visited the Bearded Studio
I visited Full Stop Interactive


At home we made homemade pasta, orange juice, ice cream, bread, cookies, biscuits, pizza, coffee liquor and pie.


Started a Creative Studio.  Second Block Studio LLC


I taught 2 3 week brush up courses
I gave 7 Loop Pittsburgh Presentations
I spoke on a panel for Refresh Pittsburgh
I spoke at the STEM conference
I attended 4 conferences / Workshops
I appeared in 5 publications this year


I helped to refinish our hardwood floors
I helped to remodel the 1st floor
I installed 7 new lights and replaced the thermostat


I was promoted
I worked in a letterpress shop for 1 day


My band played several higher profile shows including shows at Mr. Smalls and Howlers
We played a private holiday party


I played in 2 softball Leagues hitting LOTS of home runs
My team got 2nd in the Bowling league for the second year in a row
I scored 7 TD’s in the infamous Yinz Team Turkey Bowl flag football game
I ran in a Marathon relay
I attended 2 Roller Durby matches


I bought a record player and LOTS of records
I bought wood type
Wow exhausting but so much fun!  Here’s to an even more awesome 2012!

WordPress Workshop

This weekend I’ll be starting a WordPress Workshop.  There might be a few seats left but you better hurry.


Learn how to build and easily maintain websites using the wordpress framework. We will cover installation, administration, theme development, and an introduction to PHP. Do you fear code? No worries we’ll explore techniques for converting designs into web standards that play nice with wordpress and search engines. Familiarization of basic HTML and CSS is recommended but not needed.

Making Memorable Animations


Thanks to all for coming out to Loop Pittsburgh last night and listening to me talk about animation.  As promised here are my slides and source files.  As always feel free to hit me up with any questions you might have.

Web Design Boot Camp 2011



Course meets March 12, 19 and 26

Time: 9:00am – 1:00pm

Are your web development skills a little rusty? Dust off your HTML editor and bring your notebook, we’re going to dive into web development full force. This three day course will cover best practices for converting interface designs to Web Standardized HTML and CSS, an introduction to jQuery, an introduction to WordPress, use of debugging tools, and diagnosing common web problems. Previous web development experience is not required, but would be helpful. This workshop is for beginner to intermediate Web Developers.

Register at

Web Animation Buffet


I would like to thank everyone who came out for the very first Loop Pittsburgh meeting.  It was a great time.


As promised here are my slides from my presentation Web Animation Buffet.  In case you missed the meeting the presentation features website examples of great interaction using flash, jquery and CSS3.  I walked through some basic demos using flash, jQuery, CSS3, and Sencha.  The slides contain the examples and links to my demos.

Microsoft Photohoshop?


The end is truly near.  The NYTimes reported earlier this week that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen met behind closed doors to discuss a common foe, Apple. According to the times the companies discussed a partnership or possible Microsoft purchase of Adobe.

If this really happened not only would I be sad, but I’d strongly consider switching careers and moving to the mountains.  Or at the very least going super heavy into development and leaving Adobe products behind.

Why? Is it because I hate Microsoft? Nope.  I think they do some things really well, but making the giant larger, losing competition, and assembling cyber gang is not the answer.  If you don’t like the technology landscape don’t hate innovate.  (A poster soon to come out by me )

Adobe, if you’re upset with Apple fix your Flash Player problem and make it so attractive they can’t live without you.  Microsoft, buying companies doesn’t fix your lack of web presence.  Take some time, review your 1990′s playbook and make IE9 as revolutionary as the original IE.

I know the world isn’t really going to end, but how strange would it be to place your upgrade order for Microsoft Photoshop?

Steeler Friday


I love Pittsburgh.  It’s a big city with a small town atmosphere and on Steeler Friday it couldn’t be more evident.

What is Steeler Friday?

The best way I can describe it is like having one High School football team for the major metropolitan area. An entire city gets behind the black and gold as if the players were their own children.  The Steelers legacy is easy to see on any random day, but Steeler Friday is one big pep rally throughout Western Pennsylvania. If you think I’m exaggerating then please visit our city before we play the Ravens.

Anytime the Steelers have a big game, including all playoff games cars, buildings, people and pets magically turn black and gold.  It’s common practice for business that normally dress professionally, I’m talking suit and ties here, to dawn jerseys, hoodies, t-shirts, hats, and pins showcasing their support. I’m not exaggerating when I say that just about everyone in the entire city participates. It’s a site to see.

Benefits of Steeler Friday

Their are many benefits on this cultural holiday

  • Traffic dramatically improves
  • Somehow the parkway flows, the tunnels open up
  • Instead of the token flip of the bird after a honk, you get a wave or a thumbs up
  • People at work are much friendlier
  • Tasks after 2pm get pushed to Monday
  • General work life is a little more casual
  • Every conversation turns into predictions for the upcoming game
  • Often times work ends early

My Contribution

In honor of our big game I decided to make a flash viz.  Go Steelers!

Guitar to iPod: Portable Studio

This might be more for my benefit in the future but I’ve composed a list of three popular Guitar to you iPhone / iPad solutions.  Until recently I never really thought about mobile studio apps, but I’m always looking for a way to reduce my gear. It’s an exciting scene and one that I’m sure I’ll contributing to soon.

Guitar Connect

Hardware: $29.99
iShred FREE
Interesting Note:
Works on iPad, iPhone4, iPhone3G(S), and iPod Touch 2nd and 3rd Gen

Amplitude iRig

Hardware: $39.99
AmpliTube FREE
AmpliTube LE $2.99
AmpliTube $19.99
Interesting Note:
iPad app and iPhone app are sold separately

Sanoma WireWorks Guitar Jack

Hardware: $199.00
FourTrack $9.99
Interesting Note:
no worky on iPhone 4 or iPad